Should You Visit Virginia For The History Or The Romance?

Should You Visit Virginia For The History Or The Romance?

Deciding to take a vacation is certainly an easy choice to make. Most working-age American adults don’t take all their available vacation time every given year, so chances are you have some time accumulated waiting for you.

Where to go on your vacation is another choice. Something that many couples find is that one person in the relationship wants to go some place romantic, and the other one wants to go to see historic places.

Virginia can handle both sides of this vacation. Virginia said for years, and still does at times, that “Virginia Is For Lovers.” From the sand and surf of Virginia Beach to the soaring vistas of the Blue Ridge Parkway, the state is full of places to spend time with someone you love.

As one of the original 13 colonies, Virginia is also replete with history. Many national monuments and museums sit outside Washington, D.C. in and around Arlington. Richmond, the state capital, was the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War. There is a historic reproduction of Jamestown, a pre-Revolutionary War colony that was among the first Anglo settlements on the continent. Historic Williamsburg is full of character and charm. Yorktown was the site of the conclusion of the Revolutionary War.

Virginia is also a common vacation destination due to its proximity relatively central in the East Coast and Atlantic Seaboard. It’s about as far from Maine as it is Miami, so it’s a convenient middle ground for family reunions of those spread up and down this part of the country, which is still home to roughly a quarter to a third of the national population.

The fact that that Virginia has geographic diversity also helps, as there are sandy beaches and wetlands to one side and tall mountains to the other, with gently rolling hills and farms in between.

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