Fun Things To Do In Virginia

Fun Things To Do In Virginia

There are numerous fun things you can do in Virginia. Here are a few of them.

Mount Vernon Trail

Whether on foot, bicycle or skates, you may want to transverse the eighteen mile long trail found in Mount Vernon. The sight lines are eye-pleasing and there are numerous fun places to stop by. A few examples include the Gravelly Point Park and the Teddy Roosevelt Island.

Wintergreen Resort

Virginia isn’t renowned for handling snow very well, but that does not mean it does not host winter sports. There are over 130 acres of skiing in Wintergreen Resort and so, if zip lining and skiing is your thing, this is a must go destination.

Southern Virginia Breweries

Virginia is ideally known to be one of the best places in the US for brewing beer. A trip along the ‘Brew Ridge Rail’ has gradually become a must-do activity during the weekends in Virginia for craft beer lovers. If you have a good driver, it should take a day or less to visit most of the state’s renowned breweries, including the Wild Wolf Brewing Company found in Nelllysford, the Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, South Street Brewery, Devils Backbone Brewery located in Wintergreen and the Star Hill in Crozet

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