City Council Appoints Kimberly Sinha to Fill Poore’s Seat on Lynchburg City School Board

City Council Appoints Kimberly Sinha to Fill Poore’s Seat on Lynchburg City School Board

After the resignation of one of its members last year, the Lynchburg City School Board is set to receive its newest member.

Lynchburg City Council appointed Kimberly Sinha to represent District 2 effective immediately on the nine-member board for a term that ends June 30. The council made the announcement after a closed session Tuesday.

Sinha fills the unexpired term of former school board member Jenny Poore, who resigned from the board in November after making a strongly worded Facebook post that was critical of the election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency.

In December, City Council decided to solicit applications to fill the interim position. Six applicants came forward, expressing interest in the vacancy.

A public hearing was held earlier this month after which City Council announced it would interview four candidates: former school board member Keith Anderson; BWX Technologies engineer Gregory Crivello; school volunteer Eyvonne Harvey-McCoy Green; and Sinha.

Interviews were held Jan. 18 in a meeting that was closed to the public.

Sinha said she is grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with council and answer its questions, “and now I need to live up to their expectations.”

In a letter that accompanied her application, Sinha wrote she is a strong supporter of public education and is concerned with “ever increasing hostility toward ‘government schools.’”

“I understand that our public schools are called upon to do more than educate students,” she wrote. “In many ways our schools have become first-responders for a host of social problems: from poverty, to special needs, to mental health, to abuse and neglect.”

She currently works from home as a senior statistician at Iowa-based Ruffalo Noel Levitz, and she said Tuesday her strength is in data collection, analysis and reporting in support of decision-making. Sinha said her earlier professional career was mostly in institutional research in higher education, which included analysis of all aspects of school performance.

“So my goal is to lend those skills to the school board and the school system,” she said.

Sinha has lived in Lynchburg since 2003 and has a daughter that attended Lynchburg City Schools from elementary to high school.

“I really like Lynchburg, and I’m happy to be doing my part to keep it a great place to live,” she said.

The next school board meeting will be Feb. 7.

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