About us

We started out on the content journey with just but a handful of writers and a plan to reach at least a thousand news followers in a month, today this number is just a fraction of what we see coming to read from our platform on a daily basis.

Through daily spent efforts, and countless revisions of the articles queued to be published each time a newsworthy event occurs, and they happen piles at a time on a daily basis. The original arrangement of posting a single news article a day has been outdone by the need to update all the readers with articles as frequent as ten times or more each day.

With the number of readers steadily adding up exponentially on a daily basis, we are always on the lookout for great talent. Our offices are littered with word-smiths from various generations, from late teens to 50 year olds. The fit has been known to be accommodating for even the least experienced of writers, when new members join us, they are assimilated as quickly as they turned up.

Through coming times, with the technology trends rapidly coming in, we foresee a lot of content getting published, and as many royals coming on to read