3 Reasons To Vacation in Virginia

3 Reasons To Vacation in Virginia

My family and I are not native to North Carolina, but we’ve lived here for many years. Most of our family are from other states, including New Jersey and Wisconsin. We’ve traveled a lot within our state and also neighboring states as well. A family member recently asked about Virginia; they are considering a trip and wanted to know if it was a good vacation destination. I gave them three reasons why I think Virginia is a great place to visit.

1. Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a great summer vacation destination. There’s the boardwalk, of course, which has great food and great attractions. The sand and the surf is incredible. And, there are also ample opportunities to take in a fireworks show on the beach!

2. The State Parks

There are 35 state parks in Virginia, including Douthat, Belle Island and Holliday Lake. You can travel by canoe, look for shark’s teeth, camp, ride a horse, and even check out an old gold mining operation. There are no shortage of activities!

3. The History

There are so many historical sites to visit in Virginia, including Monticello, Montpelier, and Jamestown.

Virginia has a little something for everyone, and it is one of my family’s favorite vacation destinations!

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